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Our Vision

The O&G Racial Equity Collaborative (O&G) envisions a lived reality in which racism can no longer function as a system to undermine both the potential and outcomes of communities of color, indigenous peoples, and other marginalized groups.

Our Mission

The mission of the O&G Racial Equity Collaborative is to cultivate, consult, and coach leaders to create and sustain transformational change in the policies, practices, and procedures (3Ps)  that impact the outcomes of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPoC) while improving outcomes for all.

Ariel E. Guerrero, MPA

Co-Founder, Managing Partner

Ariel Enrique Guerrero, MPA, is a born and raised New Yorker whose career has been marked by bold choices and service. Ariel is founder and principal of ArielEGuerrero LLC, a multi-dimensional consultancy and co-founder of the O&G Racial Equity collaborative, a group working with institutions on racial equity knowledge building, leadership and implementation. Prior to, Ariel’s experience has been grounded in over 12 years of work in non-profit, government and philanthropy sector work with organizations such as the National League of Cities – the national association for over 19,000 cities, towns and villages, Lutheran Services in America - one of the largest health and human services networks in the country whose members touch 1 in 50 people in the US each year, the Annie E. Casey Foundation – one of 50 largest independent foundations in the United States, and The National Housing Partnership (NHP) Foundation - a national non-profit committed to preserving and building truly affordable communities across the US.

Ariel is a proud alumnus of Fordham University where he obtained his BS in Psychology. He is also a 2015 graduate of the National Urban Fellows (NUF) program where he received his Master’s in Public Administration at Baruch College School of Public Affairs. Ariel prides himself as a local government guy with strong roots in leadership, advocacy, organizing and community mobilization. He has a unique understanding of the intersectionality of community and the driving institutions that work together to create outcomes for individuals and families as well as the need to build effective leadership and leaders within these communities and institutions. Informed, organized and empowered are the core values of Ariel’s work.

Building, bridging and forming multi-sectored solutions with communities is fundamental to overall success. He is committed to supporting and encouraging communities to be the catalyst for the sustaining change they hope to see. Ariel finds great joy in leveraging his core values and experience to help leadership and community create paths of action that promote equity, equality and justice.


Racial equity is achieving fairness and justice for people of color in our country. To achieve racial equity, it will require a concerted and collaborative approach from black, white, brown and others to dismantle the existing systemic and institutional racist structures that exist to benefit white people and suppress people of color. Our systems currently work the way they are intended, recognizing that the very foundation by which our country has been created, is built upon the ideology of white supremacy. Achieving racial equity will require us to re-design our systems through policy, practice and procedure to work for everyone and achieve racial justice and fairness. Each of us, regardless of color, have a role to play in taking down brick by brick our current system and rebuilding a new. It will demand us to take ownership and love one another like never before.

Bernadette Onyenaka, M.S.

Co-Founder & Partner

Bernadette Onyenaka is the co-founder of the O&G Racial Equity Collaborative. Bernadette formally held the position of Racial Equity Manager for the National League of Cities Race, Equity, and Leadership (REAL) initiative. In this role, she provided technical assistance to a cohort of six cities on governing for racial equity, by engaging with local elected officials and key city staff on how develop and take strategic actions to development and implement comprehensive city-wide racial equity plans.


Additionally, she led the development of REAL’s racial equity training curriculum, in order increase the capacity, competence, and readiness of municipal leaders and personnel to recognize and subsequently dismantle systemic and institutional racism through policy, practice, procedural, and cultural change. Her work is enriched and advanced by her focused areas of expertise, which include the social determinants of health, anti-oppression/liberation ideology, intersectionality, curriculum development, facilitation, and program development, and program management.


Her primary focus is to engage and facilitate both programmatic and systems level change, through the unflinching examination of interconnectedness of systems of oppression, and the application of a racial equity theory of change. Ms. Onyenaka earned both her bachelor’s degree in Health Behavior Management and Master’s degree in Health Promotion from the University of Delaware. Bernadette is currently a National Urban Fellows and MPA candidate at the McCourt School of Public Policy, Georgetown University. 


Kimberlee Archie, MS Ed.


Kimberlee Archie provides dynamic management consulting as Knowledge + Skills = Options Consulting, LLC within the spheres of non-profits, local government, higher education and private organizations. Since 1997, services have included facilitation, training, planning and strategy design. Kimberlee’s purpose is to maximize the capacity of clients to serve the larger community equitably.


Ms. Archie has been with the City of Asheville since July 2017 serving as the City first racial equity and

inclusion leader. Her undergraduate degree in social welfare is from the University of Washington in

Seattle, where she originates. Her graduate degree in education with a concentration in training and

performance improvement was obtained from Capella University.  Kimberlee’s focus on social justice began during her undergraduate education. In 2003, she attended training by the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, which is when Kimberlee transitioned to racial equity and social justice as a focus while working at United Way of King County. The work deepened through her role with the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Making Connections site and as a Deputy Director with the City of Seattle.


As Asheville’s Director of Equity & Inclusion Kimberlee works internally to develop the capacity and infrastructure for city government to analyze its policies, practices, and procedures using an equity lens and make decisions that will eliminate racial disparities. Externally, she works to embed equity within other public and private organizations, such as Buncombe County government, Asheville City Schools and UNC Asheville, ensuring improved outcomes for all of Asheville.


Ms. Archie has readily taken leadership roles with GARE. She serves as the member co-facilitator of the Chief Equity Officers Working Group. She is the South Regions’ Steering Committee representative, and she partnered to plan and implement the North Carolina Racial Equity Convening in 2019. Kimberlee’s leadership in Asheville and her experiences in the Seattle area have been called upon to inspire, motivate, instruct, and advise within the GARE membership and beyond. She has been invited to speak at GARE Cohort sessions, convenings, conferences, and is frequently asked to advise member jurisdictions on operationalizing racial equity. 


Kimberlee is a proud recipient of the ELGL 2019 Treager Award, which recognized her as a top ten influencer in local government.  She was also selected as one of twelve Chief Equity Officers to serve on a PolicyLink sponsored CEO Policy Network where the participants will work to build out and document a racial equity field of practice.


In person and virtual, workshop style knowledge and skill building specifically designed for cultivating leadership in racial equity


Professional Development of leaders in racial equity and coaching within practical strategies and actions to facilitate racially equitable outcomes


Collaborative problem solving, technical assistance and exploration of feasible methodologies for  implementation and practice of racial equity

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